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    IMS uses cookies in order to make the user experience better on this website.

    Cookies are small files in plaintext that are stored on your computer by websites you visit. These indicate user-specific variables, information, and preferences and are generally used to help make the website work and create a better user experience.


    Standard Cookies

    Guests & Registered Users:

    • __cfduid
      • This is a cookie used by CloudFlare, our web performance and security service, to identify users behind shared IP addresses.
      • For information on this cookie, visit CloudFlare's Article on this.
      • This cookie stores a session unique variable of the user's current PHP session.
    • ips4_IPSSessionFront
      • This cookie stores a session unique variable of the user's current session.
    • ips4_hasJS
      • This cookie stores whether or not the user's browser/device is capable of using JavaScript.
    • ips4_ipsTimezone
      • This cookies stores the user's current timezone based off of GeoIP services.

    Registered Users:

    • ips4_member_id
      • This cookie stores the IPS member ID of the currently logged in user from our database.
    • ips4_pass_hash
      • This cookie stores the password hash of the current logged in user's session.


    In addition to the above, administrators will have the following cookies:

    • ips4_IPSSessionAdmin
      • This cookie stores a session unique variable of the administrator's current admin session.
    • ips4_acpLoginMethod
      • This cookie stores the login method that the administrator last used to login to their active admin session.
    • ips4_acpTabs
      • This cookie stores the last active tabs and tab order for the admin control panel.


    Third Party Cookies

    This site may set additional cookies in addition to the standard cookies above. These cookies are often used for website usage tracking or usage, or set by embedded service providers when viewing embedded content from providers such as YouTube, Imgur, Vimeo, etc.


    Changing Cookie Settings

    Most browsers allow users to specify their cookie settings and what cookies they want as well as clearing cookies. This can be done by accessing your browsers settings.

    Please contact your browser provider for any further questions on adjusting cookie settings.


    Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

    Please also reference our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.