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  1. Server(s): Garry's Mod Division (ALL) Date of change(s) completion: April 5th, 2020 Description of changes: Added a new proprietary IMS system that keeps track of who is friends with who on the server in an optimized manner. This allows us, for example, to block RDM reports in TTT for players who are friends with eachother (fake/joke reports). Overhauled the !friends <target> command to use this new optimized and fast system. Added a new IMS Bans command - !banfriends <target> <duration> <reason> This command bans the target and all of their currently connected friends on the server for the same duration and reason. This is exclusive to IMS management (admins). This allows for grief teams to be handled in a more efficient manner. Often times in games like TTT, groups of friends will play and if one starts breaking rules, many of the others will too. We call this a "grief team" and admins often have to manually ban each of the members before they disconnect, or grab information after they disconnect. To make this process easier, this command has been added. Please note if this command is used, each and every person that is banned had to be part of the wrongdoing. Affiliation does not imply involvement in the rulebreaking. Notes: None
  2. Server(s): TTT #1 Rotation Date of change(s) completion: April 5th, 2020 April 8th, 2020 Description of changes: The RDM Manager will now prevent reports on fellow players that are friends on Steam. This is a measure to prevent the insane amount of false/joke report spam we get from friends reporting each other as a joke. The RDM Manager will now prevent reports on IMS management. This is a measure to prevent the large number of false/troll report spam we get against admins. Division Staff can still be reported. If a member of IMS management is breaking the rules, an Abuse Report needs to be filed. Fixed an issue where, when the server used a particular ban function (like karma being too low) a large reason message was placed in the chat. This has been fixed. Per player requests, we have changed the mapvote system to run every 15 rounds. This means that after 6 rounds on the same map, an automatic map vote is called. Players can vote to stay on the same map if they would like. Players can still use the !rtv command to change maps even before 6 rounds have passed. General gamemode and base gamemode updates. Notes: None.
  3. Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date of change(s) completion: April 3rd, 2020 Description of changes: Various optimizations, patches, and fixes applied to the core server executable. When using RTP, moving the camera will no longer cancel teleportation. The anti-cheat has been updated to fix some false positives. Other updates, fixes, and optimizations have been applied. Notes: None.
  4. Server(s): TTT #1 Rotation Date of change(s) completion: February 16th, 2020 Description of changes: The load time of the server has been significantly decreased. We have moved many non-essential downloads to an in-game download mounter/manager. In other words, instead of downloading everything to join, only a few essential things are downloaded on load and then once in-game the rest is downloaded and mounted live. For players wanting the whole content before joining, the content pack can always be downloaded here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1709071812 Notes: None.
  5. Server(s): Garry's Mod Division (ALL) Date of change(s) completion: March 30th, 2020 Description of changes: Fixed an issue where IMS Shared Account Control would not properly query. Fixed an issue that could potentially have caused a server crash. Fixed a client-based lua error that would occur upon joining the server. This was due to an outdated configuration file include. Fixed some outdated URLs. Notes: None
  6. Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date of change(s) completion: March 24th, 2020 Description of changes: The nether has been expanded exponentially. See the dynmap for details. Due to the nether no longer being precicsely bordered with 1/8th of the proportions of the regular world, nether portals were able to be used in the nether to surpass the main world's world border. This was a problem because it allowed for players to get past the world border of the main world, resulting in chunks being generated, which can cause server and client lag. The maps are pregenerated to prevent this. Due to this, nether portals have been disabled while in the nether, please use a home warp, regular warp, or /spawn to leave the nether. This will be in place until Minecraft puts a fix in to this world border issue. Notes: None.
  7. Now closed for requests, thanks to all who made a request.
  8. Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date of change(s) completion: March 15th, 2020 Description of changes: The new PvP arena has been fully built and is now released! Use /warp pvp to enter the pvp arena. Per player suggestions, a /keepinventory [enable/disable] command has been added. This has been programmed into IMS Core. This command allows each player to toggle on keepInventory mode or toggle it off. By default, this mode is on for all players. Some players prefer to have a greater challenge, so we have added this command to allow per-player settings regarding keepInventory. /keepinventory - When issued with no parameters, it will tell you your current keepInventory state: /keepinventory enable/disable - When issued with enable or disable, it will toggle keepInventory to the specified state. Some server network adjustments have been made to help with some issues some players with high ping experienced. Due to recent revelations regarding the anti-cheat and the server being more populated, the anti-cheat has been entirely replaced. Previously, the anti-cheat had a lot of false positives. While we had heavily adjusted the plugin to help, the plugin itself does not seem to be structurally sound enough to be on a live server. The anti-cheat itself has been entirely replaced and we hope that the new anti-cheat will prove to be more helpful. Our primary goal in replacing this anti-cheat is to stop it from punishing and disrupting players who are not cheating--obviously. We kept this in mind while researching and looking for a new anti-cheat, and the new one is well known for not having many, if any, false positives. Please let a member of management know if you encounter any issues, especially frequent false positives, with the new anti-cheat. PetBlocks has been updated and fixed. Notes: None.
  9. We will be regenerating the nether world of the Towny Survival MC server. While the nether world is proportional to the regular world as being 1/8th of the size, we found that it is too small for players looking to loot various mob spawners, explore, and get resources. Because of this, we will be regenerating the nether (with the same seed) to a much larger size. We understand that some players may have builds, structures, or resources currently in the nether that they would like to still have. Because we are using the same seed, the structures/resources/spawners in the nether where players have warp points/homes set will remain intact. Because of this, we are transferring any builds that players request. To request that your build is transferred, please reply to this thread with the following format: Coordinates of Build (x, y, z): Reason for Requesting: Extra Notes (if applicable): To get the coordinates of your build, use the in-game /coords command or use the F3 menu. We only need the digits. The reason portion is not overly important, if the build is reasonable enough we will plan on transferring it. Please make the request here before Saturday, Mar. 21st, which is when the new nether will be implemented. Thanks, IMS Management
  10. Recruit application approved. Welcome to IMS!
  11. Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date of change(s) completion: March 2nd, 2020 Description of changes: The anti-cheat has been updated to address more types of cheats and lower the number of false positives. Pet blocks have been updated to address some errors/bugs. When voting for IMS on all of the voting sites, a broadcast will now be sent to all players on the server reminding others that they can vote and appreciating the user for voting. Notes: None.
  12. until
    Event Name: Double McMMO XP Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date(s) of Event: Saturday, Feb. 29th – Monday, Mar. 1st Participation Prize(s): Gain double McMMO XP during this Double XP Weekend!
  13. Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date of change(s) completion: February 29th, 2020 Description of changes: The anti-cheat has been updated to address more types of cheats and lower the amount of false positives. Prices in the in-game admin shop have been updated to reflect the economy with jobs. Keep in mind that the admin shop is intended to be high priced and low sell prices to encourage a player-based shop economy. Phantom Membrane: 200 B; 25 S Iron Ingot (x16): 800 B; 100 S Gold Ingot (x16): 1120 B; 140 S Diamond (x16): 3200 B; 400 S Redstone (x16): 480 B; 60 S Balanced the jobs economy. The number of jobs each player can have has been limited to one. The hunter job has been adjusted so that mob farms do not ruin the economy. Hunters will get less money for killing certain mobs now. Notes: None.
  14. until
  15. Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival (mc.imsclan.com:25565) Date of change(s) completion: February 23rd, 2020 February 25th, 2020 Description of changes: Due to some issues encountered with the Wilderness TP plugin (/wild) and the new version, it has been replaced with a new plugin. New command: /rtp Bronze Premium users and higher can use /rtp biome <biome> to teleport to a random specified biome type. The ClearLag plugin has been adjusted to be more reasonable for players. Items/drops, minecarts, and boats will no longer be automatically removed. These were previously removed if they were not in use by a player. The only entities that will be removed by the automatic removal task are discrepancies: TNT stuck in the primed state Blocks stuck in the falling state EXP that avoided despawning through a glitch Projectiles that avoided despawning through a glitch Nothing aside from these discrepancies will be automatically removed by the plugin. Added legacy connection support for 1.15.x, 1.14.x, 1.13.x, 1.12.x, 1.11.x, 1.10.x, 1.9.x, 1.8.x, 1.7.x, 1.6.x, 1.5.x, and 1.4.7. This means that while the server is 1.15.2, players on any of the listed version above can connect and play seamlessly. All voting sites in /vote should now be functional and give proper rewards. Adjusted the anti-cheat to prevent some false-positives that would occur when trying to stack blocks vertically under yourself. The anti-cheat will no longer push players off. Adjusted the spawn region so that it is now a healing/"hospital" zone. Health and food will replenish at a rate of 2 with a delay of 1 in the spawn region. Changed gamerule doInsomnia to false. This means that phantoms will no longer spawn. These hostile mobs were seen as pointless by the community. Due to this, Phantom Membrane will now be sold in the server admin shop for 100 (in-game credits) buy and 25 (in-game credits) sell. Per community feedback and balancing with players keeping inventory after dying, the server difficulty has been changed from normal to hard. This helps speed up villager trading in addition to making the game a bit more of a challenge. Note that players will still lose EXP after dying. Notes: None.