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About Me

Director of IMS.

Contact the appropriate people prior to directly contacting me.


Helpful Links
Some helpful links that you should refer to prior to contacting me.


Common questions that you should refer to prior to contacting me.

Q: I was banned and it was unjust or I wish to appeal it to be unbanned.
A: See the helpful links section.

Q: I wish to apply to become a staff member on one or more of your servers.
A: Fill out the Staff Application Form here.

Q: I have some other issue and need to contact a high-up person, such as one in management.
A: Contact the appropriate person, if the issue needs to be escalated to higher review, such as by a director, the staff member you have contacted will forward it appropriately. View the helpful links section for a list of staff members.

Q: I am currently a staff member and wish to request a promotion.
A: Managerial superiors give out promotions as they see fit and when they are needed. Please note that management positions are limited. Do not contact me directly for a promotion or staff position.

Q: I have a suggestion for IMS.
A: If your suggestion pertains to a specific gaming division, go to the proper division suggestions sub-forum, you can find gaming division forums here. If the suggestion does not pertain to a specific gaming division, such as it pertaining to the forums or another IMS service/policy, feel free to suggest it in the global suggestions forum, found here.