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    Buzzin’ Build-Off Event Event Name: Buzzin' Build Off Server(s): Minecraft Towny Survival ( Date(s) of Event: Saturday, Feb. 29th – Friday, Mar. 6th Participation Prize(s): In-Game Item: Participation Cake Winning Prize(s): Game: Far Cry 5 In-Game Item: Custom Player Head (of the winner's choice) In-Game Item: 3 Enchanted Gold Apples (Notch/God Apples) Starting this weekend through next Friday (March 6th), we’ll bee having a build-off where players can submit bee themed builds to enter a contest. Builds will be judged to win a grand prize of a custom player head of their choosing and three enchanted gold apples (Notch/God apples). The winner will also receive a copy of Far Cry 5 on Steam! All participants of the competition will receive a participation cake upon a valid complete entry. To enter the build contest, please respond here with coordinates to your finished builds. The building contest will end on March 6th and the judges will determine the winner. The winner will be contacted by Division Management or higher to redeem their reward. Participation cakes will be delivered on March 7th as well in a chest at the build. For additional questions regarding the competition please reach out to me or contact a member of Division Management in our #minecraft channel. Good luck and happy building.
  2. Yooo tf2's my favorite game too; welcome to IMS we're glad to have ya!