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  1. Wow that seems very interesting all of your topics has a good point I agree with them all
  2. Thank you i'm in. Sorry for the troubles
  3. I have Discord, but the link takes me to a blank page
  4. The links don't seem to be working
  5. Any feedback on my application
  6. how do i join the discord
  7. Username gforgmoneyx11 SteamID STEAM_0:0:8767896 Date of Birth 02/23/2005 Location United States, Ohio Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time How long have you known about IMS and played on IMS' game servers? Yester day Why do you want to join IMS? I want to join because there are a lot of people rdming others and if there are more staff then the situations can be dealed with faster and there will be less time for it to happen again therefore people taking matters into there own hands Can you be active on our required platforms (Discord and TeamSpeak 3)? Yes Did anyone refer you to join IMS? Guest Additional Comments/Information Though Ive only been playing since yesterday the server is fine but some of the people who play are questionable and the situations seem to be dealed with at a slow pace