Team Fortress 2 CTF Server Rules

Team Fortress 2 CTF Server Rules


We ask that players follow these rules so that gameplay can be the most enjoyable.

Global Rules

  1. Players are limited to one account on the game server. Users caught using multiple accounts may face termination on both accounts.
    1. Due to this rule, virtual-private-networks ("VPNs"), proxies, and other IP address disguisers are not allowed without prior leadership approval.
  2. Players may not disrespect other players.
    1. Additionally, players may not discriminate other players by gender, race, sexuality/lifestyle, age, religion, etc.
  3. Players are expected to follow the Equality & Anti-Harassment Policy which bans the use of hate speech and offensive slurs or terms, such as racial, homophobic, sexist, or other slurs.
  4. Players are expected to follow the Mature & Inappropriate Content policy which bans the use of content with 18+ nudity and levels of violence.
  5. Players are expected to follow the Communication & Language Policy which bans the use of languages other than English in public text/voice.
  6. Players may not spam in any way. This includes mic-spam, chat-spam, or any other sort of repetitive spam.
  7. Players may not avoid or attempt to avoid punishment issued by a staff member.
  8. Players may not interfere with staff duties.
    1. This includes backseat moderating/telling them what to do.
    2. Arguing continually with a staff member is also interfering with staff duties. Please create an abuse report if they are being abusive instead.
  9. Players may not advertise or promote external services such as other gaming communities/clans.
  10. Players may not attempt to exploit, harm, lag, or hinder any of IMS' services or make threats of doing so.
  11. Players may not use any forms of cheats, third-party tools, or any other glitch or item that gives them an unfair advantage.
  12. Players may not impersonate any IMS members nor pretend to hold a position that they do not.
  13. Players may not break any rules via the use of their username or any other form of communicating.

General Rules

  1. Players may not ghost.
    1. This is using spectator to then communicate with players via text chat, voice, or other means of communication to inform another player of in-game events they are not yet aware of.
  2. Players may not trade scam or attempt to do so.

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