Irock1230's Suggestions

Hello, I would just want to start this as saying theses are just my SUGGESTIONS on how to help if the server. If you don't agree with something please comment what it is and why so I can view others opinions of the server. 


Things we can possibly do to make players want to return to the server:

1. I feel that the server should offer insensitive to stay and grind points or some other form of Skins,Hats,Models,trails or even loot boxes. I know that this can lead up to Increased download time to join the server and should be kept small but I personally think players should be able to earn 75% of Skins,Hats,Models,trails while 25% of nicer skins and etc are locked of for donators. Players don't feel like they are earning enough for playing on this server over others and I can understand that. I would Recommend getting only one major addon that comes with alot over getting tiny things here and there to help with the download (Such as Knifes,Loot Crates/Boxes, Or a pack of skins).  

2. I feel as new players arrive the tend to stay on the server (If the enjoy it) for 1-3 Hours, I have noticed in my time staffing that alot of players tent to get bored with the same map asking when it may switch or if I can switch it. I think even though it may cause a drop in player count if we can have 3 Mincraft maps instead of one that it will add enough variety to cause players to stay longer and comeback.  Because as of right now the server count is high or dead. I have only seen a small player count be on for less than 30mins before reaching a good number of 10+. If we lose 2 players each map switch we will still have enough players to attract more attention to our server. I would recommend the very basic minecraft maps almost all players already have such as this one: and this one:

3. I would also Like to recommend new T weapons and D weapons to spice the game up. I would only like one or 2 items put into each T and D to not cause so much download time. I have many, many TTT weapon addons. If we do decide to add more and need suggestions please contact me as I can make a list of balanced weapons that could fit the server. 

This Last thing is more for the staff and I want this opinion on this item.

There is a think called a lua hook that we can use for our discord that will notify a channel when a report has been put in. So that staff that want to be AFK or do other things at the current moment will get a notification on discord on the report and a brief summary of the report. I would like the know how useful the current staff members feel this would be. I can set it up but it would take time and help from a friend. So I wanted to know if its something that would be useful for the server before I try doing it! Please comment what you think about it.


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Wow that seems very interesting all of your topics has a good point I agree with them all


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Thanks for the suggestions, we're always looking for feedback. In response to each:

  1. We would have to look into this further. Our current layout of gameplay favors cosmetics towards donors as we would rather that than a pay-to-win based store. While we could always add more cosmetics for regular users, it would increase download times.
  2. We added a map rotation and !rtv command the other day, a bit before you posted this (
  3. We'd definitely be willing to add more detective and traitor weapons, we'd just need to find some that the players would enjoy.
  4. It's definitely possible for us to get reports to forward to a Discord channel. However, we were wanting to integrate the RDM report management system into our IMS Bans/Logs system in the future and have a complete web interface for these reports. I'll look into potentially forwarding reports to a Discord channel for now.
    1. Edit: I've implemented Discord messages for RDM reports now. They're located in the #ttt-reports channel

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