Garry's Mod DarkRP Rules

Garry's Mod DarkRP Server Rules


We ask that players follow these rules so that gameplay can be the most enjoyable.

Global Rules

  1. Players are limited to one account on the game server. Users caught using multiple accounts may face termination on both accounts.
    1. Due to this rule, virtual-private-networks ("VPNs"), proxies, and other IP address disguisers are not allowed without prior leadership approval.
  2. Players may not disrespect other players.
    1. Additionally, players may not discriminate other players by gender, race, sexuality/lifestyle, age, religion, etc.
  3. Players are expected to follow the Equality & Anti-Harassment Policy which bans the use of hate speech and offensive slurs or terms, such as racial, homophobic, sexist, or other slurs.
  4. Players are expected to follow the Mature & Inappropriate Content policy which bans the use of content with 18+ nudity and levels of violence.
  5. Players are expected to follow the Communication & Language policy which bans the use of languages other than English in public text/voice.
  6. Players may not spam in any way. This includes mic-spam, chat-spam, or any other sort of repetitive spam.
  7. Players may not avoid or attempt to avoid punishment issued by a staff member.
  8. Players may not interfere with staff duties.
    1. This includes backseat moderating/telling them what to do.
    2. Arguing continually with a staff member is also interfering with staff duties. Please create an abuse report if they are being abusive instead.
  9. Players may not advertise or promote external services such as other gaming communities/clans.
  10. Players may not attempt to exploit, harm, lag, or hinder any of IMS' services or make threats of doing so.
  11. Players may not use any forms of cheats, third-party tools, or any other glitch or item that gives them an unfair advantage.
  12. Players may not impersonate any IMS members nor pretend to hold a position that they do not.
  13. Players may not break any rules via the use of their username or any other form of communicating.

Core Mechanics

M1. New-Life-Rule (NLR)

  1. Players can return to their place of death immediately if they died on public property, in their base (as long as it is not currently being raided) or in the Nexus. Otherwise, players must wait three minutes before returning to where they died.
  2. Players may not remember anything from their past life that links to their death, which includes who killed them, why they were killed, if someone needed to be wanted, etc.

M2. Players may not break FearRP.

  1. Players may not attack, run away, or disobey any reasonable request if another player is pointing a weapon at them while they are unarmed. Players must role-play being afraid of the weapon.

M3. Players may not meta-game.

  1. Players may not use information from OOC, past lives, TeamSpeak, Discord, or other places that a person wouldn't know in real life. For example, arresting a Hitman because he has a hit indicator above his head is meta-gaming.

M4. Players may not interfere with staff duties.

  1. Staff reserve the right to warn and enforce consequences based on common sense or subjective interpretations. Saying something is not explicitly in the rules is not an excuse to make the game less enjoyable for other players.

Gameplay Rules

G1. Players may not random-death-match (RDM).

  1. RDM is killing or injuring another player with no legitimate/valid role-playing reason.

G2. Players may not abuse their roleplay jobs.

  1. Randomly handcuffing players is an example of job abuse.

G3. Players may not place props inside/on someone else's property or public property.

  1. Only hobos may build in public areas.
  2. Hobos may build on rooftops.
  3. Players may not build on roads (including hobos).

G4. Players may not arrest or place a warrant on a player without valid proof of them breaking a law.

  1. For example, hearing printers or weapons does not count as proof.

G5. Players may not abuse props. This includes—but is not limited to:

  1. Prop blocking. You can block windows and doors as long as one door is not blocked.
  2. Tampering with another player's props.
  3. Prop surfing.
  4. Prop climbing.
  5. Prop killing.
  6. Using "hamster balls."

G6. Players may not kill a trespasser after they leave unless they do one or more of the following:

  1. Took something of the base owner's.
  2. Broke into the base.
  3. The owner saw them enter or leave the base without permission to enter. This must be explicit (e.g. the owner directly warns them to leave or says not to enter or has a visible KOS sign).

G7. If a player leaves their door unlocked and another player enters while they are in the base, they must tell them to leave and give a reasonable amount of time before they can kill them (unless there is a noticable and reasonable KOS sign present).

G8. Players may not scam other players.

  1. Stealing is not against the rules, though it is illegal.

G9. Certain role-play actions that involve money have boundaries (maximums):

  1. Mugging has a maximum of $800.
  2. Hit prices have a maximum of $2000.
  3. Hostage release prices have a maximum of $2000.
  4. Selling a stolen vehicle has a maximum of $2000.

G10. Players may not use tools, add/edit their vehicles with props, or edit their vehicle in any way outside of the vehicle interface.

G11. Players may not do any role-play action (mugging, killing, etc.) inside spawn.

  1. After a player has left the spawn area, they are no longer protected by this rule until they re-spawn.
  2. From coming out of the spawn, it ends after you have passed the yellow cement poles.

G12. Players can only protect other players if they occupy the same building and base together or have been paid to protect a person or building.

  1. Government members (S.W.A.T, CP, Secret Service, etc.) have the right to protect those under threat from illegal activities.
  2. Security guards may only protect other players if they have been hired for protection.

G13. Players may not build while a raid is occurring.

  1. Building while a raid is occurring on your building is considered FailRP.

G14. Players may not bunny-hop or "bhop" faster than moving vehicles.

G15. The Nexus may not be raided unless all armory raid requirements are met.

  1. 3 or more law enforcement units/players are on the server.
  2. 10 or more total players are on the server.
  3. If the requirements are not met while a raid is ongoing, the raiders must finish their raid immediately or until the armory raid is finished if it is in progress.

G16. Players may not mug, kidnap, or raid the same person/base within 10 minutes.

G17. Players may not restrict any public landmarks or NPCs.

  1. Things such as the car dealer, herb dealer, etc. are considered public landmarks.

G18. Cars may only be carjacked while stationary and players must announce a carjacking in chat if a player is inside.

G19. Citizens may only have one raiding mechanic in their job title.

  1. A job title such as "Mugger/Carjacker/Raider" is invalid.

G20. Citizens may not completely emulate other jobs.

  1. This includes becoming a full thief or hobo as a citizen.

G21. Per the Equality & Anti-Harassment Policy, sexual roleplay and explicit roleplay references are prohibited.

G22. KOS signs are only valid for actions commited inside to property (e.g tresspassing) or for interation with props, doors, or items inside the property (e.g. knocking, touching printers).

  1. KOS signs for loitering are not valid.

Job Rules


JM1. The mayor must make laws. Not doing so is considered FailRP.

JM2. The mayor cannot create unrealistic laws.

  1. Laws such as no running, no jumping, no locked doors, etc. are invalid.

JM3. The mayor may not make laws that counteract the default laws or server rules.

  1. Laws such as no NLR, RDM is allowed, etc. are invalid.

JM4. The mayor cannot enforce laws.

JM5. The mayor may only fine lawbreakers if the fine and law are reasonable.

  1. A reasonable fine is considered $200 or less.
  2. Laws that already have a defined punishment cannot have fines associated with them.

JM6. The mayor must give a valid reason for a lockdown. If there is an insufficient or invalid reason, the mayor may be punished. The valid reasons are:

  1. There is an official raid ongoing.
  2. There is a gang war happening.
  3. The Nexus is being raided.
  4. A riot is happening.


JR1. Once a riot has started, rebels must attempt to take control of the government.

  1. They can do this by killing government officials and having control of the Nexus.
  2. This does not mean they can kill non-government officials for no reason (RDM).

Civil Protection

JC1. A Civil Protection officer's main purpose is to enforce laws, not to protect the Nexus (unless there is an active armory raid).

JC2. Civil Protection can conduct law enforement raids.

JC3. Civil Protection can enforce the laws.

S.W.A.T. Officer

JS1. A S.W.A.T officer's primary role is to protect the Nexus and carry out raids on wanted players.

JS2. S.W.A.T officers can conduct law enforement raids.

JS3. S.W.A.T officers can enforce the laws.

Secret Service

JSS1. A Secret Service officer's main purpose is to protect government officials.

JSS2. Secret Service may raid with other S.W.A.T or Civil Protection

  1. Secret Service may not raid on their own.

JSS3. Secret Service can enforce the laws.


JF1. While off duty (sirens off), firemen are able to be arrested for reckless driving. When on duty (sirens on), firemen may not be arrested for breaking driving laws while driving to a fire.


JH1. Hobos may not purchase buildings or own property.

JH2. Hobos may only base with other hobos.

JH3. Rooftop bases and creations must have a staircase or ladder to the roof.

Gangs (Capones & Corleones)

JG1. All gang members must base with their gang leader.

  1. No gang member can base on their own.

JG2. Gang leaders can direct members to attack opposing gang's bases.

JG3. If two or more gang members are present together, they may mug other players.

JG4. If three or more gang members are present together, they may raid anyone's base.

JG5. If three or more gang members are present together, they may kidnap gang members or leaders from another gang.

JG6. Gang members and their leaders are enemies to other gangs.

JG7. Gang members may not kill opposing gang members whenever they like.

  1. Gang members/leaders can attack opposing gangs' bases.
  2. Gang members/leaders can attack opposing gang members/leaders loitering at their territory.

Gamemode Mechanics


  1. If you want to build your base without being raided or killed, place a visible "Building" sign. If someone kills you while you are inside the building or otherwise building on that property, it's considered RDM while the sign is present.
  2. Players may not have printers or other illegal contraband while building. if they do, the building sign becomes invalid.

Raiding Teams

  1. Battle Medic
  2. Priest (with a donation from a raiding party member)
  3. Citizen (with a corresponding job title)
  4. S.W.A.T officers (a warrant is required)
  5. Secret Service officers (must be raiding with S.W.A.T or Civil Protection)
  6. Thief
  7. Hobo
  8. Hobo Leader
  9. Rebels (may only raid the Nexus during an active riot)
  10. Mercenary (may only raid those who they have an active hit on)

Mugging Teams

  1. Thief
  2. Citizen (with a corresponding job title)
  3. Hobo
  4. Hobo Leader

Carjacking Teams

  1. Thief
  2. Citizen (with corresponding job title)
  3. Hobo
  4. Hobo Leader

Basing Resticted Teams

All Teams may own a base. The classes below have the following restrictions on base ownership.

  1. Hobo Leader (must be made of props on public property)
  2. Hobo (must be made of props on public property)
  3. Gang Members (must base with leader)
  4. Banker (only in the bank)
  5. Bank Guard (only in the bank)
  6. Mayor (only in the Nexus)
  7. Civil Protection (only in the Nexus)
  8. S.W.A.T (only in the Nexus)
  9. Secret Service (only in the Nexus)

Teams that may legally own printers

  1. Banker (must be in the bank vault)

Teams that may create stores and sell items

  1. Supplier (cannot have printers or anyone else living in the shop)
  2. Bartender (cannot have printers or anyone else living in the shop)

Hostage Rules 

  1. Players may not run away while at gunpoint or while being tied/bound (this would break FearRP).
  2. Hostage takers must always be doing something with the person they have kidnapped. This means that they can't leave them locked away in a cell for more than a few minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes, the kidnapper has to either release their hostage or give them a release amount (for example, $2000 for your release).
  4. To tie/bind people the kidnapper must use /me.
  5. Once the hostage demands have been met, the kidnapper must release them. Not doing so is considered scamming and is against the rules.
  6. If the hostage is tied by the rope restraint, FearRP applies as long as the kidnapper is present.

Default Laws

L1. All money printers and herbs/drugs are illegal.

L2. Grappling hooks, lockpicks, and keypad crackers are all illegal.

L3. Players can be weapon checked at any time in the Nexus building.

L4. Resisting arrest is considered KOS.

L5. Breaking into other player's homes is AOS.

L6. Stealing is AOS.

L7. Assault is KOS unless done is self-defense.

L8. Going past the desk in the Nexus building is AOS without permission from a government official.

L9. Weapons out in public are KOS unless being used for self-defense and the player has a license.

L10. Kidnapping and rope restraints are AOS.

L11. Jaywalking is always legal.


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