Role Ideas for MMORPG Revamp

As we announced in the Discord, the IMS team has recently been looking into shifting the focus of our Minecraft Towny Survival towards a role-based server, while keeping existing features.

Essentially, we would have classes/roles that are chosen when a player joins the server. These roles would have certain buffs/debuffs (advantages and disadvantages) as well as certain abilities. This would also feature a leveling system where players do particular tasks for their role or complete particular quests to level up as that role and gain new abilities or buffs.

Since the community expressed interest in having this added in the Discord, we're opening this thread up for some suggestions on what kind of roles everyone wants to see in this update.


Please use the following format:

Role Name: 
Role Abilities: 
Role Advantages (Buffs): 
Role Disadvantages (Debuffs): 
Other Notes: 


Example: A wizard role suggestion could look as follows:


Role Name: Wizard
Role Abilities: 

  • Can cast spells, gaining more spells as they level up.
    • Damage spell
    • Fire Spell
    • Protection Spell
    • Healing Spell
    • etc.

Role Advantages (Buffs):

  • Can have passive spells, such as an armor/protection spell that is in addition to the current armor they are wearing.

Role Disadvantages (Debuffs):

  • Cannot have maximum armor capacity or some spells won't work (should use protection spells instead)
  • Spells have a mana cost and mana pool increases as the role levels up
  • Cannot eat meat

Other Notes:

  • Perhaps add quests where Wizards must fight certain bosses or obtain certain spell books to level up.


Try to add as much detail to the role as you can. Each role can obviously have more than one ability, advantage, disadvantage, etc. (we encourage having more than one of each). While making suggestions also try to keep in mind how balanced the class would be in the scope of the server with other roles. Feel free to create multiple role suggestions in each post. It may also be helpful to specify what abilities, advantages, and disadvantages the role you are suggesting has at each level increment.


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