Towny Survival Nether World Regeneration

We will be regenerating the nether world of the Towny Survival MC server. While the nether world is proportional to the regular world as being 1/8th of the size, we found that it is too small for players looking to loot various mob spawners, explore, and get resources. Because of this, we will be regenerating the nether (with the same seed) to a much larger size.

We understand that some players may have builds, structures, or resources currently in the nether that they would like to still have. Because we are using the same seed, the structures/resources/spawners in the nether where players have warp points/homes set will remain intact.

Because of this, we are transferring any builds that players request. To request that your build is transferred, please reply to this thread with the following format:

Coordinates of Build (x, y, z): 
Reason for Requesting:
Extra Notes (if applicable):

To get the coordinates of your build, use the in-game /coords command or use the F3 menu. We only need the digits. The reason portion is not overly important, if the build is reasonable enough we will plan on transferring it.

Please make the request here before Saturday, Mar. 21st, which is when the new nether will be implemented.

IMS Management


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Now closed for requests, thanks to all who made a request.


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